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Old-School Rules!

At The Rumble we play "Old School Rules!"

That means we play "Side-out" scoring; No Let-serves; Block doesn't count as a hit; and the original Large court size of 30'x60'.

Long Live the Side-out!

Back in the late 1990's, fundamental rules of doubles volleyball were changed for reasons not related to game play. It was controversial then and still is. We felt it hurt the game in a few ways, most importantly, "Rally scoring killed the Come-back!"  With Side-out scoring, you are never out of the game...and big come-backs make for some of the most exciting and memorable matches in our sport!  

The popularity of The Rumble shows that many players agree and love the side-out game!

Official Tournament Rules.(pdf)

Playing Level Guidelines (pdf)

Old-School Rules Explained Video (Youtube)

Pre-Play Announcement Video (YouTube)

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