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Frequently Asked Questions


At The Rumble we play "Old School Rules!"  That means we play "Side-out" scoring; No Let-serves; Block doesn't count as a hit; and the original Large court size.

Official Tournament Rules; Old School Rules video explanationPre-Play Announcement Video

When does registration open?

May 1st!  Main field sells out very fast.

You must have an AVP America Silver Membership to register.

When do we check in?  How do we know where to play? ...?

We use to manage tournament play.  All registered players will receive an email before the event with directions for team placement, pools and schedules.



When should we be ready to play?

​​Pro players: 8am

All other divisions: 8:30am


Satellite fields:  Parking is free and there is no spectator fee.

Main field:  Parking is free if you carpool (No RVs). It's $10 per car if you do not. There is a Spectator fee of $10 per day for all non-players(Click here for online purchase). There are no drop-offs at the Main Field.  A drop-off location is provided across the street from the park.  Once you enter the Main Field parking area, you must follow the directions of the attendants.

Is there a fee for spectators?

Yes. Spectators will be charged $10/person which covers the whole weekend. 

Tickets may be purchased here.

Children under 12 are free.  All registered players are free to spectate all weekend.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Quiet, crowd friendly dogs are welcome.  All dog waste must be picked up thoroughly.  We reserve the right to remove any dogs/players who do not follow these rules. Note: We have fireworks each morning at about 9am.  

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