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Juniors Info

What to expect and other information for junior players and their parents.

What to expect for Junior players and parents:

Welcome to the Rumble! Here are some basic information to help you understand what to expect: 

Arrive about an hour early so you can find your net...and set up your gear. Unless you are being dropped off, parking means your car is going to be there for a while.

What to bring suggestions: Definitely volleyballs, phone with power supply,  towels, chairs, water, money (there are food and merchandise vendors), spare clothes…if it rains it could be muddy.


Old-School Rules:  At The Rumble we play "Old School Rules" That means we play "Side-out" scoring; No Let-serves; Block doesn't count as a hit; and the original Large court size of 30'x60'. We also don't allow open-hand serve receive as many tournaments allow for juniors. SeeOfficial Rules below.


Divisions: Players should register for the division that corresponds to their age on the day of play. 18U means 18 years and under.

Playing Format/Info: Pool play with playoffs

Five team pools mean you will be playing each team twice; total of eight (8) games each to a score of 11. The Rumble uses side-out scoring. (See rules below)  In general, pool play goes to about 2 o'clock. Top two teams "come off their net" to play in single elimination playoffs. In general...this takes 'til about 5 o'clock. is the site that indicates which teams will be playing; which team will be working.  It is also where all scores will be inputted. Juniors should (if possible) have their own player profile on   

Official Tournament Rules.(pdf)

Playing Level Guidelines (pdf)

Old-School Rules Explained Video (Youtube)

Pre-Play Announcement Video (YouTube)

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