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Event Information

The Pottstown Rumble is a 4-day, fun filled event with over 5000 volleyball players competing for amazing prizes in what many consider the toughest tournament in the country!

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Juniors Info

Friday features Men's/Women's Masters, Juniors, Men's/Women's Triples, and the Women's Pro Doubles Pool Play.

Saturday features Men's/Women's Doubles including the Women's Pro Playoffs and Final!

Sunday features Co-ed Doubles, Quads, and the Men's Pro Playoffs and Final!

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Event Description

After 30 years, The Rumble has become one of the largest and certainly the toughest volleyball event in the country.  Pottstown Pennsylvania is the battle ground for volleyball players testing their skills, their mettle and their toughness.  In addition to hosting thousands of amateur players in every division, The Rumble always draws a few ranked AVP professionals trying to take the crown and the first place prize money.  Some have succeeded, like Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena in 2004, but most leave with just bruises and grass stains.  

The Rumble is well named!  Long after the volleyball community switched to rally scoring and short court, The Rumble defiantly kept to the old school rules.  With side-out scoring and the extra long pool play format, teams must earn every win.   The arduous format guarantees that only the toughest prevail.  Grass courts make for a game that is fast and powerful.  Players must be able to pass huge jump serves and dig big hits.  Defense is tough because of the larger court size, and of course diving on grass is very hard on the body.  Finishing well at The Rumble gains a player great respect, so everyone is out for blood.  The competition, prize money, and grueling format make for the perfect storm of memorable battles. 

Pottstown is a blue-collar town in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the perfect setting for an event that celebrates a hard day’s work and getting dirty for a paycheck.  Early on the event was billed as “A volleyball tournament run by the players, for the players.”  This moniker is still true and might answer as to why so many players love The Rumble and respect the organizers. 

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Our Center Court and Main Field of play is at Memorial Park in Pottstown Pennsylvania.  

Memorial Park:  Main Field:  75 West King St, Pottstown PA. Court Map

Tournament Fields of Play and Parking Map

Additional Fields of Play:

Sundstrom: 361 Manatawny St. Pottstown, PA. Court Map

PAL:  1455 Chestnut Grove Rd, Pottsown, PA. Court Map

Coventry:  190 Yarnell Rd, Pottstown PA. Court Map

Island: 251 Manatawny St, Pottstown PA. Court Map

Registration determines location of play.  First come-first served for Main.


Amazing Prizes

Our Pros battle hard for an amazing $10,000 First Place payout for both Men and Women!  Total Pro payout is almost $70,000!

Our Amateur divisions have the chance to win amazing prize packages that include Net Systems, Volleyballs, Rumble Gear, Back Packs and a lot more!  

Our Master's Divisions get a 90% of registrations cash payout!

Our Junior Division receive very cool awards like trophies and medals.


Prize Money for Men and Women Pro Divisions!:

1st Place: $10,000

2nd Place: $6,000

3rd-4th Place: $3,000

5th-8th Place: $1,000

9th-16th Place: $500

17th-32nd Place: $300

*If less than 64 teams are registered in either division, prize money will be awarded to only the top 16 teams in that division:

1st Place: $10,000

2nd Place: $6,000

3rd-4th Place: $3,000

5th-8th Place: $1,600

9th-16th Place: $800


Food & Vendors

We have a great selection of food vendors that offer everything from Health Food to French Fries to more healthy options.


Visit our amazing sponsors for cool swag, volley gear and volleyballs!  

Rumble Gear, Wilson Volleyballs, Plastic Clothing, East Coast Volleyball, AVP gear, and more!

Food & Vendors

Beer Tent

Our beer tent is right at center court!  Enjoy some of the best beers around and watch some of the best volleyball anywhere!  Fee applies.

Beer Tent
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